Sunday, August 5, 2012

Back to work or school clothes

Hey everyone it's Bella and Gina here. Sorry we have'nt posted for awhile. I justed wanted to talk about some back to school or work clothes. Some advice for back to school and work clothes is if you have a new teacher or a new boss try to make a good inperision by wearing apporpiate a nice clothes and of course have a good aditude. If you don't have a new boss or teacher still try to wear nice and apporpiate clothing. For back to school you should wear a colorful tank top a plain shirt and either long or short pants that have cute pockets and some jewerly. For back to work you should wear not to colorful clothing a skirt or a dress would be good either one or even some pants that go to your knees and some jewerly. That's all for now.

Love, The Fashionistas

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Summer clothes

Hey everyone this is mine and Gina Gucci's first post. This week we will talk about clothes styles. When I usally dress in the summer I will throw on some maybe orange, yellow, purple, or blue shorts. Then I will put on a tank top that's matches my top then my top and usally my top will have all kind of desigh's on it to name a few sunglasses, cats, dog, horses, and smiley faces. That is all we will talk about for this week hope these fashion tips helped you a litte talk to you next week.

Love, The Fashionistas